Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Carpet Stretching
  • Strip & Wax Floors
  • Condos Hi Rises
  • No Steam
  • No Dirt Attracting Residue
  • Carpets Dry 1 To 2 Hours
  • All Credit Cards Accepted
  • ​​Flood Restoration
  • ​Pet Urine Removal
  • Free Estimates

Carpet Cleaning: We use a low moisture cleaning system which is a deep clean without over saturating the carpet.  So you dont have to wait days for the carpet to dry, it dries in 2 hours.  No mold or mildew, no stretching out the carpet.  We apply a solution on which lifts the dirt, and we use a rotary machine with pads attached at the bottom, which absorb the dirt and dry the carpet..

Upholstery  Cleaning: We clean your fabric with hot water extraction for most pieces of upholstery, but some require a dry cleaning solution, depending on the manafacturers recomendation.  When we arrive to your home, we will inspect your fabric and proceed with the correct method to use.  Once its done your furniture will look like new again.

Carpet Stretching: Its almost a lost art among carpet cleaners, but we still stretch carpet.  We will get rid of any ripples, or waves in your carpet.  Furniture will need to be moved, once we determine which way we will proceed.  Also we repair seams, we will re glue older seams that came apart.  If your in need of a carpet patch we can do that too, just as long as you have the extra carpet needed.