Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


CARPET CLEANINGOur process is a low moisture cleaning, we first vacuum the carpet to pick up lose dirt, then we apply our solution on which lifts the dirt, and finally we use our machine with pads attached to the bottom to absorb the dirt, and dry the carpet.. Carpets dry in 2 HOURS!! Everything is non toxic, and biodegrable, so its safe for children and pets... 

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​UPHOLSTERY CLEANING: Our process is hot water extraction applied with a fabric cleaner, after we determine what type of fabric you have then we use a upholstery tool which has a trigger that we shoot out hot water with the solution and then we extract with the tool and that pulls out the dirt, grease, and grime bringing your upholstery back to its original form.. Sometimes depending on the fabric  we have to dry clean the furniture because the fabric is too gentle to wet clean.

CA T URINE REMOVAL:  First we use a black light to determine where the urine is, then we saturate the area with our urine odor removal solution and we let that sit on the area for 20 min which decrystallizes the urine, and finally we rinse area, and odor is gone.. We also cut out the padding, and replace when area is really bad...

Here at All American Dry we understand when there is an emergency, if your property has been affected by flooding or even sewage, we act quickly to remove any number of ailments; we remove standing water, dehumidify, dry and sanitize affected areas, and also restore your property to its original, pre damage, condition.  We are avaliable 24 hours a day!!!
We will come to your home and pick up your antique rug and carefully transport it back to our facility to determine the correct method to clean it.  Next we will throughly vacuum it, and apply our cleaning solution and spot removers where needed, and begin hand cleaning your rug, finally when its all clean we put it threw a ringing process to dry it. We specialize in wool rugs!!!